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  Antique Auto Side Glass                For Sale 
  NOS side glass for 1930s – 1950s     automobiles.  
  Call Dave Ward for details. 
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1947 Ford--Early Canadian Build; Model 79A; Two door; with trim number M16503;
therefore like a 1946 Car. Mileage approximately 72,000 miles. The car is as original in all respects except for radial tires- 650x 16 o/e size. Plus a 1955/56 Ford Thunderbird overdrive incorporated into the driveline. The Botsford blue repaint in 1985 is factory correct.
The engine has had one rebuild. Radio, clock, heater, fog lights and spotlight all work, as do the gauges. The car was recognized at the 2008 Early Ford V8 meet in Dearborn, Michigan for its excellence. Additional information including price is available from or phone 416-580-5699 or Bill Given 705-454-2078.