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UCR National Rep./Website/Newsletter Editor- Al Robinson 613-476-7758

Name Tags/Plaques/UCR Store Items- Garry Botting 613-966-4648 
 Flea Market Vendor Contact/Secretary-                Peter Scott    613-354-9389 

The Antique and Classic Car Club Of Canada is always looking to make new Friends.
Do you like Antique Vehicles? Our Members are always looking for new Members who 
are interested in the restored to original or original vehicles 20 years or older. We like to share our passion with car people. The people in all of our Regions are just as interesting as their cars. There are many Regions, just check our National Website, and pick a Region close to you. 
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Our National Magazine 
"The Reflector" keeps our Members
informed of all kinds of Activities.
The Monthly Newsletter from each
Region keeps everyone in the loop.
                            Our Clubhouse in Odessa at the Fairgrounds
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This link is thanks to Alex J. from Portland Oregon. Alex is always checking online articles and is learning about the Automotive Industry and History and wanted to share this link with everyone. Alex has a great Teacher who has started the year out with some special projects. Thanks Alex from the Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada.

Garry & Gail Botting are your Upper Canada Region Contacts for Club stores   613-966-4648
Thanks to the Cruizers Car Club 
out in Washington (USA)

Our club has been holding weekly car talks each month that are open to the public. They've been a big hit, and I'm surprised at how many younger kids have been showing up!

I've had a few questions about the classics from the teens (I guess classic cars are popular with them again?) so we wanted to talk about the history of them.

One of the kids in the group showed me this classic car guide - we all loved it!:

Classic Cars 101
He Will Be Coming Soon. 
That is Right 
The Parts Delivery Man 
For Your Winter Project